Flour Sack Kitchen Towel - 29 x 28 (Set of 6)

Flour Sack Kitchen Towel - 29 x 28  (Set of 6)

Product Details

Our flour sack towels are super soft, absorb like a paper towel and dry faster than most kitchen towels, they add unsurpassed sparkle to dishes, glassware and windows. They make superb dusting cloths and have many culinary uses. They are used for dehydrating, straining cloths for stocks and sauces, poaching, cheese making, pastry, proofing bread, microwave cooking and they keep salads fresh for hours. These versatile towels are 100% cotton. Buy a Set of 6 today to try out these towels and we are sure you will be back for more! They are hemmed on all four sides and made of 100% cotton. Size is approximate. Imported.