Towel and Textile Terms and Definitions Common to our Products

Weaves and Finishes

Box Weave/Waffle Weave/Matte is a simple over-and-under type of weave of varying tightness and yarn thickness depending on its purpose.

Momie Weave is a crepe-type weave that is as durable as it is elegant.

Terry Weave has loops for optimal absorbency; the higher the loops, the more plush a towel feels. It is long-wearing, easy to launder and requires no ironing.

Velour is a terry towel with the loops sheared off on one side and having a thick, plush pile.

Jacquard Weaves have a reversible design woven in unlike printed towels which feel scratchy because of dye deposits on the surface.

Flat Weave is a generic term we use for various products that are not Terry or of another weave.

Herringbone Weave is a twill having the popular “zigzag” appearance and is common in finer towels used on glassware and for similar purposes.

Gingham is a plain weave with checks, plaids or stripes.

Fabrics in The Towel Place Products

Cotton – It is one of the world’s major textile fabrics. It has excellent absorbency, it can withstand high temperatures, has high washability and it dyes well.

Polyester – It is an extremely resilient fiber that is smooth, crisp and springy. It is lightweight, strong and resistant to creasing, shrinking, stretching, mildew and abrasion. It is readily washable and is not damaged by sunlight or weather and it is resistant to moths. You will find it blended into our products such as Aprons, Chef Hats and it is used as a backing, only (all loops are 100% cotton) in certain of our bath towels.

Fabric “Hand” - Traditionally, fabrics are evaluated subjectively using certain criteria such as the thickness, softness, stiffness, smoothness and fullness of the fabric. A combination of these properties is commonly referred to as fabric hand.

Thread Count - refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. So if a fabric is 200tc or 200 thread count, that means there were 200 threads per one square inch of fabric.

Assorted Colors versus Matching Colors in Ordering - When placing an order, you will find that most kitchen towels have “matching” dishcloths which means that, when you select the towel color, the dishcloths will match. In some cases, there are no matching items and we offer them in “Assorted” colors or designs only.