Some Basic Formal Dinner Napkin Folding Techniques

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Here are a couple of the basic folding techniques, one used for formal dinner occasions and one for that formal or semi-formal holiday buffet (where the napkin is folded in such a way as to carry the silverware).


The Classic Napkin Fold

As seen at most dinner parties, you start with your unfolded square dinner napkin then:

    Fold the napkin, in half, to form a triangle.

    With the triangle facing down, fold the tip of the triangle up into the middle (of the base) of the triangle.

    Then take the right corner of the triangle and fold down, do the same with the left corner of the triangle

    You should now have a small square.

    Take the botton two flaps and fold up to form a triangle.


    Now fold this triangle in half and stand up on your dinner plate.


    The Formal Buffet Napkin Fold:

    This is a great napkin folding idea that I am sure you have seen.

    Begin by folding your open napkin in half, then in half again to form a square.

    Lay the napkin diagonally with the open corners at the top.

    Roll the first (of the four layers) down to the center of the napkin

    Flip the napkin over and fold the left corner to the center of the napkin.


    Repeat the fold with the right corner. (You can place a decorative sticker to hold these corners together)



    Turn the folded napkin over.

    Insert a fork, knife and spoon and your done!!!


    Now see, it isn't hard at all to make an impressive statement on your holiday table. Now go ahead and get a great deal on a dozen Formal Dinner Napkins!!